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Arm Lift Cheshire

Arm lift Cheshire

If loose skin on your upper arms is affecting your self-confidence, you may like to consider an arm lift in Cheshire.

Many women struggle with sagging skin or bingo wings when they reach middle age. Elite surgeon Anca Breahna provides arm reduction surgery that can restore the contours of your arms by removing excess skin.

Arm lift surgery is just one cosmetic procedure among the many offered at Anca Breahna’s clinic in the prestigious Grosvenor Hospital in Cheshire.

Miss Breahna offers a full range of aesthetic procedures for the face, breasts and body.


Anca Breahna – a leading plastic surgeon in Cheshire

Anca Breahna is a leading plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon offering surgical expertise to patients in Cheshire and the surrounding counties in the North West of England. She has two thriving private practices, one in Chester and another on the Wirral. Both clinics offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.

Her professional qualifications are first class and the quality of her work is reflected in her Fellowships at the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS Plast) and the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS). Miss Breahna is a member of the General Medical Council Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery.

Anca Breahna is well-known for her sensitive and empathetic approach. She inspires her patients with confidence and supports them through their plastic surgery journey and recovery.

You can find some reviews from her delighted patients here.


Who is an ideal candidate for arm lift surgery?

Anyone unhappy about sagging skin on the upper arms can consider arm reduction surgery.

Many patients consult Anca Breahna because the skin on their upper arms has lost its elasticity with age, causing it to slacken and form ‘bingo wings’.

Other patients have worked hard to achieve significant weight loss but have been left with excess skin that has been overstretched and cannot spring back into place.

Liposuction may also leave patients with flabby skin in the upper arm area.

Whatever the cause of the loose skin on your upper arms, you can be sure of a sympathetic response from Miss Breahna when you meet her for your initial consultation. She understands that appearance is important for self-confidence and wants to help all her patients feel good about themselves.

Miss Breahna will assess you thoroughly and will be honest with you about the potential outcomes of your arm lift procedure.

It will also be necessary to take a complete medical history to ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to have an operation.

What happens during arm reduction surgery?

During this procedure, Miss Breahna makes an incision on the body side of the upper arm. She then removes any excess fat and remodels the tissues. After trimming away loose skin, the incision is closed using dissolvable stitches.

There are a number of surgical techniques that can be used for arm reduction. Miss Breahna may place the incision in the armpit area only or may need to extend it to as far as the elbow.

She will discuss the best technique to achieve your desired results at your first consultation with her.

Arm lift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and typically takes between two and three hours. The vast majority of patients need to stay in hospital overnight after an arm lift.

Is an arm lift painful?

Your arms may feel swollen and tender after surgery, but most patients find that their pain can be well managed with mild analgesics.

When will I see the results of my arm lift surgery?

After six months, your upper arm area should be fully healed and the surgery scars will have started to fade.

Your arms will look smoother and more sculpted and you will feel much happier about showing them off in sleeveless tops and sportswear.

You can see some before and after-surgery pictures here.

Are there any risks with the removal of excess skin from the upper arm?

Any surgical intervention is likely to cause swelling and bruising, and arm lift surgery is no exception. However, these effects will disappear after a few days.

It may help to reduce swelling and post-operative fluid retention if you keep your arms raised on pillows when you are resting after surgery.

The choice of surgeon is of prime importance. The risk of any serious complications after your arm lift is significantly reduced when the procedure is performed by a surgeon with the expertise of Anca Breahna.

How long does it take to recover from an arm lift procedure?

You will need around two weeks off work to recover from surgery. Depending on the speed of your recovery, Miss Breahna may advise you that you are recovered sufficiently to return to the gym or exercise class after around six weeks.

Miss Breahna will follow your progress for the first year after surgery with regular check-up appointments.

What is the cost of an arm lift in Cheshire?

The cost of arm lift surgery starts at £3 700, including anaesthetic fees.


How to find Anca Breahna’s clinic in Cheshire

Anca Breahna’s Cheshire clinic is in the Grosvenor Hospital in Chester, one of the county’s foremost private health providers.

Cheshire is in the North West of England. The county border meets Wales to the west, Merseyside and Greater Manchester to the north, Derbyshire to the east, and Staffordshire and Shropshire to the south.

The countryside of Cheshire is varied. The centre and southern parts of the Cheshire Plain are flat and home to many dairy farms. The East of the county is more rugged terrain as it borders the Peak District.

Cheshire is known as a county of gardens and is the location of many beautiful gardens and parks, including Tatton Park in the Cheshire town of Knutsford. Tatton is the home of the annual Royal Horticultural Flower Show.

The clinic is easily reached from all parts of Cheshire, North Wales, Greater Manchester, the Wirral, Liverpool and Merseyside.


The Anca Breahna Clinic

Chester Main Office

The Grosvenor Hospital

Wrexham Road

Chester CH4 7QP

Tel: 07538 012918

Arriving by car

From the west

Take the A55 to junction 58, turning onto the A483 towards Chester. After just a couple more miles, the Grosvenor Hospital will be signposted to the right.

From the East

From the East, head towards Chester, typically on the A51 or A54, depending on whether you are to the north or south of the city.

Either way, you will come to the A55, the North Wales Expressway. Follow this until junction 38, then take the third exit off the roundabout and follow signs for Chester. The Grosvenor Hospital is then just two miles further along, located on the right.

Arriving by public transport

Chester has a train station with connections across the North West, including a direct line from Manchester. The Grosvenor Hospital is a short taxi journey away from the station.

Alternatively, walk to Railway Station S4 bus stop. Take a bus to Wrexham, which passes the Grosvenor Hospital within around seven minutes. The hospital is a two-minute walk from the bus stop.



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