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10 Key Facts to Know Before Getting Your Breasts Enlarged

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Breast enlargement surgery is a hugely popular procedure and one that can have a profound impact both to physical appearance and also mental health and self-esteem.

However, it is a major procedure and, as with all surgery, not to be entered into lightly.

Leading UK female cosmetic surgeon Anca Breahna has vast experience in carrying out breast augmentation surgery for patients. In this post, she outlines some key facts, things she believes every prospective patient should be aware of.

  1. <There are two main types of breast implant.There are silicone and also saline implants. Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel, saline with sterile saline solution. Within these there can be subdivisions, for instance textured or smooth implants.

    It is impossible to give an overall answer saying that type X is the best – it will vary on a patient-by-patient basis. However, Anca did outline the key differences and the choices available in a recent blog post. 

  1. Breast enlargement can be via implant, fat graft or a combination of the two.
    Increasing breast size by implants is the most common option, but fat graft can also be highly effective and also has the benefit of addressing two cosmetic concerns at the same time – for instance fat grafted in a tummy tuck procedure can be used to enlarge breast size.A combination of the two is also common, adding some grafted fat around implants can help refine the shape and ensure a natural appearance and feel to the finished enlargement.
  2. The benefits extend well beyond the physical
    Breast enlargements of course manifests itself in physical change but this can also be a procedure that has benefits that extend to mental health, self-esteem and overall well-being.If the appearance of a person’s breasts are a cause for concern it can impact their confidence and this in turn negatively affects work, friendship and relationships. Surgery to remedy the physical concern can also have huge mental health benefits.
  1. Breast enlargement can address an imbalance between breasts.While typically you may think of surgery to both breasts, making them both larger, the procedure is also perfect for correcting any asymmetry between breasts.For many, this is a concern since puberty and something they live unhappily with for a number of years prior to surgery.
  2. The implants have an expected lifespan of at least 10 years. In many cases, the implants remain perfectly intact for decades, but it is impossible to give any guarantee that an implant would have a particular lifespan beyond the 10 years.Regular check-ups and self-monitoring help to ensure that any leakage or rupture is caught early.
  3. The implants are designed to be safe even post failure. This means that if in many years to come, the implant does fail this does not present an immediate medical concern that requires quick attention.The vast majority of ruptures are clinically undetectable and pose no significant health risk. The rupture may lead to a change in shape and even some discomfort but, in normal circumstances, not a greater health problem.
  1. The incisions for the implants can be made in one of three places (in most cases). These are an inframammary incision, this done under the breast, a transaxillary incision, this under the armpit or a periareolar incision, this around the nipple.
  2. However… you really don’t need to worry about the range of options prior to consultation.It can be confusing – there are different types of implant, there is also the option of fat graft. Then, there are the varying incision types and, of course, the exact size and shape of implant – and whether to go for a more natural texture or firmer.All this will be discussed.Based on any prospective patient’s body shape, the size of breast sought and own preferences, the surgeon will be able to outline options and help the patient to arrive at the best option. This option could of course be to not have surgery.

    It is useful to have an understanding of some of the options and choices, but you do not need to go in armed with a clear view of which option is right for you.

    An experienced surgeon who has carried out numerous similar breast implants procedures can help you make an informed decision.

  3. Follow-up appointments ensure recovery is as expected. Breast implant procedures are carried out under general anaesthetic and typically require an overnight hospital stay.There will then be a period in which the patient should gradually ease back into normal action, the precise details and plan detailed by the surgeon.After care appointments to check the recovery will be scheduled, in Anca’s case these would typically be after one week, six weeks, three months and six months.
  4. Seeking an initial consultation is not a commitment to having surgery. Any surgeon knows that deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a big decision.Their concern during the consultation is not to book anyone in for surgery that is not in their best interests, it is to see if surgery is suitable.

If you would like an obligation free consultation with a top female cosmetic surgeon whose expertise is in breast implants, contact Anca Breahna today.

Anca is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons and as a leading female surgeon has a deeply informed understanding of the process women go through when contemplating breast surgery.

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