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Small Breasts / Hypomastia / Amastia

Small Breasts / Hypomastia / Amastia

Hypomastia is the medical term for the under development of breast tissue post puberty and through adolescence.

Women with small breasts should know that there is actually no defined ‘normal’ size that a fully developed breast ought to be. However, having small breasts or breast hypomastia can leave some women with body image problems and low confidence.

Amastia, lack of development of breasts, is a rare condition, presumed to be caused by a failure in the development of the milk line. We can successfully treat both Hypomastia and Amastia with breast augmentation (breast enlargement), a surgical intervention which uses breast implants to augment or reconstruct the affected breasts.


Why Treat Breast Hypoplasia?

A breast development issues that can affect one or both breasts, the treatment of underdeveloped breasts can boost both appearance and also mental health.

Through surgical treatment, the breasts can be given added volume, this potentially through implants, fat transfer, a breast uplift (mastopexy) or a combination approach. The nipple would also be reshaped and positioned as required.

The physical benefits are obvious but this can also do so much to boost mental health and self esteem – breast size can have an impact on self-identity and confidence.

A woman may feel that her body is not beach-ready, it may impact her sense of her own sexual attractiveness.

This is the wonderful benefit of a treatment, seeing the impact it has on a patient’s confidence and how they then blossom in work, relationships and all aspects of life.

Suitability for Plastic surgery

Any woman who has concerns about the size of her breasts and whether they are underdeveloped is likely to be a strong candidate for treatment.

It may be that other factors are at play such as tuberous breasts, but whatever the individual case Anca Breahna will carry out an assessment and discuss the best options during consultation.

If you have breast abnormalities, be they congenital or otherwise, if there is a deficiency in breast size then please contact Anca Breahna for a consultation.

As with any reputable surgeon, she will only ever recommend a procedure truly in your best interests.

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