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Anca Breahna is a renowned plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who provides a full array of cosmetic surgery procedures for clients in Liverpool.

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

The journey to any procedure and addressing any cosmetic concern should always begin with a detailed consultation. Here, Miss Breahna stands apart.

The consultations, available at the wonderful Spire Murrayfield in Wirral, just minutes from Liverpool city centre, are always detailed and with the understanding that the prospective patient never considers cosmetic surgery lightly.  


Through open dialogue, she works with you to understand your objectives and uses this to create a bespoke plan that best suits your needs. 

For some this might be cosmetic surgery, while with others minimally invasive treatments might be desirable. For others still it might be that cosmetic procedures would not be recommended.

As a patient you would always be fully informed as to the expected results and also any associated risks with the treatments and procedures you would be having.

Treatments and Procedures Available

It can often be beneficial to not have a cast iron view as to which treatments would be desirable – for instance for someone wishing to look that bit more youthful there might be a range of options available and Miss Breahna could talk you through these and their respective merits.

What can be said is that a full range of treatments, both surgical and minimally invasive are available.

There are full details for every procedure on site these including key information, answers to common questions and the estimated cost of surgery.

Cosmetic Procedures

Breast procedures

Miss Breahna’s NHS practice is focussed around breast reconstructive surgery, highlighting that this is a true area of expertise. Indeed, she trains other plastic surgeons in and around Liverpool in breast procedures.

She can perform:

  • breast enlargement and augmentation
  • uplift (mastopexy)
  • breast implant removal and replacement (capsulectomy)
  • Breast reduction
  • Lipofilling (fat transfer to breast)
  • Breast asymmetry surgery
  • Tuberous breast correction

Body Procedures

A full range of cosmetic procedures are available

  • Tummy tuck / abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Fat transfer – this to improve body contouring
  • Mummy makeover – a popular procedure post pregnancy
  • Labiaplasty

Skin procedures

Miss Breahna specialises in skin surgery, this including skin cancer, mole removal and scar revision. 


These are often quick procedures with minimal downtime, yet they can make a profound difference, whether cosmetically or also to a patient’s health.

Facial procedures

Non surgical facial rejuvenation

Injectable fillers and muscle relaxing injections (Botox) are used to reduce the signs of ageing and give an appearance that is more youthful but remains natural.

Stunning results can be achieved without the need for surgery, this saving the patient considerable expense and also the post-surgery lengthy recovery.

Blepharoplasty / eyelid lift surgery

This procedure treats sagging eyelids. It can reduce a key sign of ageing, while it also has medical benefits for those who find the eyelids obscure vision.

Procedures for hands

Miss Breahna has the honour of being one of just a handful of Plastic Surgeons in the United Kingdom to hold both British and European Diplomas in Hand Surgery, as well as the BSSH MSc in Hand Surgery.

She can perform hand surgery and also surgery specifically for injuries to the hands.

Procedures for men

For men, Miss Breahna performs male breast reduction, a surgery that has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years. 

The Patient Journey

The journey begins with the detailed consultation mentioned above, the importance of this cannot be overstated, it is where Miss Breahna works with you to discuss your aims, concerns and to create a bespoke plan.

Medical photos will be taken and you will always be fully informed both as to the results achievable but also any risks that may be linked to the procedures. 

Miss Breahna will work with your GP, ensuring that any procedure is in your best interest, also factoring in your complete medical history.

A second consultation is common, this allows you more time to consider whether surgery is truly for you and also to raise any follow-up queries you may have.

You will also be advised as to how best to prepare for your treatment and surgery, for instance the diet to follow and advice such as stopping smoking, at least in the lead-up to surgery.

A Leading Cosmetic Surgeon in Liverpool

There are many fine cosmetic surgeons in and around Liverpool, why consider Anca Breahna?

Her full biography is on site, please do take the time to read it – and also follow similar steps for any surgeon you may consider.

One of the few female plastic surgeons in Merseyside she brings a unique female perspective to any consultation and procedure.

Her experience and training matches up to any surgeon.

She holds the fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS Plast), the Fellowship European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS), the Post Graduate Diploma for Hand Surgery at the BSSH (British Society for Surgery of the Hand) and a Master of Science Degree at the University of Manchester and she is on the GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery.

Miss Breahna is currently a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust, a post she has held since 2018, and also holds practicing privileges at Nuffield Health The Grosvenor Hospital in Chester and Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Wirral.

She has presented in a training capacity both nationally and internationally for approaching two decades.

Miss Breahna is a member of the General Medical Council and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Next Steps

Please take the time to browse this site to find further information about any procedures that may be of interest – there are full details for each, image galleries and key information.

Miss Breahna would also welcome the opportunity to hold a detailed consultation with you, this the first step in addressing your cosmetic concerns.

Please contact by calling 07538 012918 or using the Contact Form.

About Liverpool

It is not an over-exaggeration to say that Liverpool is one of the world’s great cities.

Just look at its cultural importance. 

The Beatles alone are enough to make this a very special city, they of course made their name at the city’s Cavern Club, then you have great rivals Liverpool FC and Everton, the Premier League trophy currently proudly on display at Anfield.

The city itself is a metropolitan borough in Merseyside with a population of just short of 500,000. 

Going back a few years, the city was referred to as Lifer in old English, this meaning thick or muddy water, by 1190 the name had become Liuerpul. The adjective Liverpudlian is believed to have first been used in 1833.

One famous location in Liverpool is the Pier Head, a trio of buildings comprising the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building, these are collectively known as the Three Graces.

The wonderful Museum of Liverpool is also a popular tourist destination, helping to make Liverpool the sixth most visited city in the UK.

We couldn’t possibly list all famous Liverpudlians, a few notable names are John Lennon, Cilla Black, Beryl Bainbridge, John Bishop and Kim Cattrall.

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