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Anca Breahna

Eyelid Surgery Cheshire

Eyelid surgery Cheshire

First-class cosmetic surgeon Anca Breahna offers a surgical solution for tired eyes with eyelid surgery in Cheshire.

Upper and lower lids both change over time and result in an aged appearance that can affect your self-esteem.

Cosmetic surgery on your eyelids, sometimes called blepharoplasty surgery, will restore a refreshed and youthful appearance to your eye area.

Miss Breahna offers her patients in Cheshire a combination of first-class plastic surgery and an empathetic approach which has inspired her patients to leave these glowing testimonials.

Eyelid surgery is just one of the cosmetic procedures she offers at her Cheshire clinic. Miss Breahna offers other rejuvenating treatments for the eyes and face including non-surgical interventions like anti-wrinkle injections.


Why choose Anca Breahna for your blepharoplasty in Cheshire?

Anca Breheana’s professional credentials are unrivalled. She has worked as a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust for many years.

She uses her extensive experience and skills to offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to her private patients at her thriving private clinic in Cheshire.

Her surgical expertise has been rewarded with a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS Plast) and of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS). Miss Breahna is also on the GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery.


How can surgery on my eyelids in Cheshire improve my appearance?

Blepharoplasty is a frequently performed cosmetic procedure and Miss Breahna uses it to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids.

Changes in the appearance of the eye area are often caused by the ageing process. With time skin becomes less elastic and unable to spring back into place. The small muscles around the eyes also weaken, allowing the skin to sag even more.

The skin on the upper eyelids can become stretched and droopy, making your eyes look more tired than you feel. As well as being a cosmetic issue, your sagging lids may interfere with your eyesight as the excess skin obscures your vision.

The skin and muscle beneath the eyes can also become lax, allowing the fat that occurs naturally in the area to bulge, creating the appearance of hollows, eye bags and dark circles.

Although most of Miss Breahna’s Cheshire patients are mature individuals with age-related cosmetic changes, she also treats many younger patients. Hooded eyes or bags under the eyes can be inherited and younger patients often choose to improve their features with this simple cosmetic procedure.

The procedure will remove excess skin and fat from the lids restoring a smoother, more refreshed look to your eye area.

You can find some before and after pictures here.

How can I find out if I am a good candidate for cosmetic eye surgery in Cheshire?

If you would like a rejuvenated eye area, then you are a potential candidate for this cosmetic procedure.

Your first step is to arrange an initial consultation with Anca Breahna at her Cheshire clinic here.

Miss Breahna will examine your eye area and discuss the best surgical option for you to achieve your desired outcome.

Miss Breahna is always honest with her patients and she will be clear about the results that you can expect. She will also explain the procedure, the recovery period and any potential risks and complications.

You should be in good general health and Miss Breahna will consider your medical history and any existing conditions before advising surgery.


What happens during plastic surgery for the eyelids in Cheshire?

Blepharoplasty is the medical term for the surgical procedure that is used by aesthetic plastic surgeons to refresh the appearance of the eye area.

Blepharoplasty removes excess skin, muscle and fat from the area around the eye.

Your surgeon, Anca Breahna, regularly performs this eyelid surgery on her Cheshire clients and depending on the type of procedure may use either a general or local anaesthetic.

Cosmetic surgery for the upper eyelids

Upper eyelid surgery is a simple and straightforward cosmetic procedure that can have a dramatic impact on your appearance.

The surgical incision is made in the natural crease of your upper eyelid. The loose skin and tissue are trimmed away. Miss Breahna may also remodel the tissue around the eyelid and tighten the muscles if necessary to achieve the best results for you.

You will be treated as a day case when you have an upper blepharoplasty.

Cosmetic surgery for eye bag removal in Cheshire

Eyebag removal involves a surgical incision along the lower eyelid. In a procedure similar to upper eyelid surgery, excess skin and fat are trimmed away.

The underlying tissue of the lower eyelid is then remodelled to give a youthful smoothness to the skin under the eyes.

Eyebag removal is a more complicated surgical procedure than surgery for drooping eyelids and usually requires a general anaesthetic. Most patients spend a night in hospital after treatment.

How long is the recovery period after cosmetic eyelid surgery in Cheshire?

Any type of eyelid surgery is likely to cause swelling and bruising. Your eye area may be puffy and tender for a couple of weeks after your surgery. Miss Breahna advises her patients to book two weeks off work to allow for complete healing.

You can reduce swelling with ice packs and by sleeping with your head in an elevated position.

It is a good idea to avoid wearing contact lenses for a fortnight after surgery to avoid irritation.

Your eyes may be more sensitive to light after surgery so you may like to wear sunglasses for a while.

Soothing eye drops or artificial tears can be prescribed if you have sore or dry eyes.

Surgery to the upper eyelids has a shorter recovery period than lower eyelid procedures and eye bag removal.

When will I see the full benefits of plastic surgery on my eye area in Cheshire?

Most patients find that they are fully recovered a couple of months after their blepharoplasty.

The excess skin that created a heavy appearance around your upper lids will have disappeared.

The skin around your eyes will be smooth and fresh with no sign of the dark circles that used to make you look tired.

Start your journey towards a more youthful appearance by contacting the clinic today for further information.


What is the cost of blepharoplasty surgery in Cheshire?

Miss Breahna will confirm the total cost of your treatment at your initial consultation but expect to pay from £1 800.

Anca Breahna’s cosmetic surgery clinic in Cheshire

Anca Breahna’s clinic is in Chester, the ancient county town of Cheshire which is situated on the beautiful River Dee. Her clinic is in the prestigious Grosvenor Hospital, a couple of miles from the centre of the city.

The clinic is easily accessed from all parts of Cheshire and neighbouring Merseyside and Greater Manchester and Miss Breahna’s reputation attracts clients from a wide area.


Anca Breahna
Chester Main Office
The Grosvenor Hospital
Wrexham Road
Chester CH4 7QP

Tel: 07538 012918

Arriving by car

From the west:

Take the A55 to junction 58, turning onto the A483 towards Chester. After just a couple more miles, the Grosvenor Hospital will be signposted to the right.

From the east:

From the east, head towards Chester, typically on the A51 or A54, depending on whether you are to the north or south of the city.

In either case, you will come on to the A55, the North Wales Expressway. Follow this until junction 38, then take the third exit off the roundabout and follow signs for Chester. The Grosvenor Hospital is then just two miles further along, located on the right.

Arriving by public transport

Chester has a train station with connections across the North West, including a direct line from Manchester. The Grosvenor Hospital is a short taxi journey away from the station.

Alternatively, walk to Railway Station S4 bus stop. Take a bus to Wrexham, which passes the Grosvenor Hospital within around seven minutes. The hospital is a two-minute walk from the bus stop.


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