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Anca Breahna can give you a more streamlined body and restore definition to the facial features with lipofilling in Cheshire.

Lipofilling or autologous fat transfer is one of the cosmetic procedures used by plastic surgeons to re-contour the face and body.

In this minimally invasive treatment, unwanted fat is removed from one area of the body and injected elsewhere to create a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Anca Breahna offers a wide range of plastic surgery. Contact her clinic today to find out more cosmetic procedures to address your body concerns.


How does lipofilling work?

Liposuction is used to remove fat cells from donor areas. The hips, abdomen, upper arms, inner thighs and knees are potential donor areas as they often contain unwanted fat stores. The removed fat cells are spun rapidly in a machine that separates the fat from the fluids extracted.

Miss Breahna injects the fat back into your body to add volume. The fat cells are injected into the treatment area through small incisions.

Lipofilling surgery will last between one and two hours and be performed using general anaesthesia.

Where can fat transfer be used in the body?

Facial fat transfer

Lipofilling increases facial volume to create a fresher and younger appearance. Miss Breahna uses fat injection to recontour cheeks which have become flatter due to collagen loss over time. The procedure can also be used to add definition to the chin and jawline, restoring a moe youthful profile.

Fat-to-breast transfer

Breast augmentation is one of the procedures that Miss Breahn performs most often and fat-to-breast transfer can be used when a modest increase in cup size is desired. It is a popular procedure for breast surgery patients who do not want to have implants.

How many procedures will I need?

You may require more than one lipofilling treatment to achieve the results that you want. This is because your body will reabsorb over half of the fat injected.

Is fat transfer painful?

The treated areas will be tender after lipofilling and there may be some swelling. Most patients find that the swelling disappears after a couple of weeks. Pain relief will be required for a few days after surgery.

When will I see the benefits of autologous fat transfer?

The full results of your treatment will be apparent three to six months after surgery.

How much downtime will I need?

Miss Breahna’s patients spend one night in hospital after their surgery to recover from the general anaesthetic. She will assess your condition before you go home.

It is important to give your body time to heal so Miss Breahna advises her patients to book seven to ten days off work after fat transfer treatment.

You should be fit to drive after a fortnight. Overseas travel is possible after three weeks and you may return to a gentle gym regime after six.

Taking care of your body and being cautious after surgery will help to ensure that you delighted with the end results.

Will I need follow-up appointments?

Miss Breahna takes a close interest in the well-being of her patients. You can expect your progress to be monitored closely at regular follow-up appointments for a year after your plastic surgery.

Am I a suitable candidate for plastic surgery?

This type of plastic surgery is appropriate for most people who are in good health. Fat transfer is most successful for people who want to improve the contours of specific parts of their bodies. You should be at a healthy weight but will need sufficient fat stores to harvest fat for the procedure.

Are there any risks with this procedure?

Complications can occur after any procedure. All surgery carries the risk of temporary swelling, blood loss and bruising. Some fat transfer patients report numbness which subsides after a few weeks.

There may be some scarring with liposuction but this will be minimal and will fade in time.

Miss Breahna will give you further information about the risks and potential complications of surgery at your first consultation with her.

Why choose Anca Breahna for lipofilling in Cheshire?

Miss Breahna is an experienced cosmetic surgeon with two successful private practices in Cheshire. Her main clinic is in the Grosvenor Hospital just outside Chester. She also sees patients at the Spire Murrayfield on the Wirral.

Miss Breahna is a consultant plastic surgeon at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust and is on the General Medical Council Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery.

Her excellence has been recognised by the awarding of several fellowships and awards including the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS Plast) and the Fellowship of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS).

Miss Breahna offers a wide range of plastic surgey procedures to patients in Cheshire. Among the most popular procedures at her clinic are breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty or nose job. She is also a specialist in reconstruction surgery for women who have been treated for breast cancer.

Anca Breahna’s patients appreciate her caring attitude as well as her skill as cosmetic surgeon.


How to find Miss Breahna’s Chester clinic

Anca Breahna’s main clinic is in the Grosvenor Hospital, within easy reach of the centre of Chester.

Chester was founded by the Romans and is the county town of Cheshire. The low lying areas of Mid and South Cheshire are well known for dairy farming. Hoever, the county is also home to number of towns including Macclesfield and Northwich.


The Anca Breahna Clinic
Chester Main Office
The Grosvenor Hospital
Wrexham Road
Chester CH4 7QP.

Tel: 07538 012918

Arriving by car

From the west

Take the A55 to junction 58, turning on to the A483 towards Chester. After just a couple more miles, the Grosvenor Hospital will be signposted to the right.

From the east

From the east, head towards Chester, typically on the A51 or A54, depending on whether you are to the north or south of the city.

In either case, you will come on to the A55, the North Wales Expressway. Follow this until junction 38, then take the third exit off the roundabout and follow signs for Chester. The Grosvenor Hospital is then just two miles further along, located on the right.

Arriving by public transport

Chester has a train station with connections across the North West, including a direct line from Manchester. The Grosvenor Hospital is a short taxi journey away from the station.

Alternatively, walk to Railway Station S4 bus stop. Take a bus to Wrexham, which passes the Grosvenor Hospital within around seven minutes. The hospital is a two-minute walk from the bus stop.

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