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Your time with us

Miss Breahna will conduct a thorough assessment at your initial consultation, addressing your physical concerns and your intended outcomes.

You will be asked some questions about your health, desires and lifestyle. Be prepared to discuss why you want the surgery, your expectations and desired outcomes, your medical conditions and use of current medication, alcohol and smoking and any previous surgeries.

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Your time with us

Patient Journey

Your Consultation

Miss Breahna will give you comprehensive information about the procedure you are interested in and take the time to consider the most achievable results and advise on the best treatment options for you. You will also have some medical photographs taken. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member to your consultation for extra support.

Your safety is at the heart of Miss Breahna’s ethos, and she will always make sure you are fully informed of both the benefits and just as importantly, the risks of your chosen procedure, so that you are able to make a fully informed decision about your treatment prior to commitment.

It is good medical practice to have a written referral from your own G.P and Miss Breahna will ask for your permission to write to your G.P. for details of your medical history as a safety precaution before undertaking any surgical procedure.

When undergoing aesthetic surgery a second consultation is often required to discuss the details of the proposed treatment plan, after which you will be booked in for surgery. You will be provided with a patient information pack which will explain everything you need to know about your upcoming plastic surgery procedure and you will be asked to sign a consent form for your surgery.

In preparation for your surgery, it is highly recommendable to follow a healthy diet and stop smoking. If there are specific concerns related to the anaesthetic, a pre-operative anaesthetic consultation can be arranged prior to your surgery.

Patient Journey

Your Treatment

When you decide to go ahead with a surgical procedure, the next step is to choose a date and liaise with Miss Breahna’s personal assistant. You will be advised of what to bring on the day of your surgery. The team will discuss and confirm financials, but please remember that full payment of Miss Breahna’s fee is required 2 weeks prior to the date of your surgery. Hospital fees and anaesthetic fees are paid separately directly to the hospital.

Miss Breahna has practicing privileges at Nuffield Health The Grosvenor Hospital in Chester and Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Barnston, Wirral. Here you will have access to highly qualified medical staff and support team before, during and after your surgery whose aim is to provide you with excellent service and to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. These hospitals have excellent safety records, patient satisfaction results and 24/7 medical cover.

Most procedures will require an overnight stay, although some can be performed as day cases. Longer procedures may necessitate 2 or 3 nights in hospital.

Miss Breahna and her team will do their very best to prevent any pain and discomfort. During your consultation, Miss Breahna will discuss with you the anaesthetic options, whether general, sedation or local anaesthetic. Miss Breahna works with highly trained Consultant Anaesthetists who do their utmost to ensure your comfort before, during and after your procedure.

It is recommended that you should arrange someone to take you home after your operation, particularly if you had sedation or general anaesthetic. Depending on the complexity of your procedure, it may not be indicated to drive for several days.

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Before going home, you will be reviewed by Miss Breahna who will discuss the aftercare with you, advise on how to take care of your dressings and give you an aftercare pack. It is advisable that you should arrange to have someone stay with you during your first day at home.

Patient Journey


Your satisfaction, safety and well-being are paramount for Miss Breahna and for this reason she dedicates the same level of care and consideration throughout every stage of your treatment journey, including the period of recovery and healing.

Your first appointment will be with the nursing staff in the dressing clinic at about 1 week after surgery for wound checks to ensure everything is healing well. Miss Breahna’s team will arrange your 2 weeks follow-up with her personally. Further follow-ups will be scheduled at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, or according to your own individual requirements.

It is normal to have some level of discomfort and soreness after surgery, and a course of painkillers will be prescribed for you before going home. The level of pain medication will depend on the individual and the type of surgery performed. After many types of breast operations and body contouring procedures, it is recommended that you wear professional support garments for 6 – 12 weeks after surgery. The amount of time off work will vary with the type of work undertaken and the surgery performed. Returning to the gym and sporting activities is generally advised after 6 – 12 weeks, post-surgery. Every patient’s journey is unique, so the process will be tailored to you and your specific needs.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your recovery, or have any queries about your surgery, Miss Breahna advises that you contact either the hospital where your procedure was carried out, or her personal assistant directly so that you can be advised or reviewed as required.

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